2016 Nepal Trip

Le groupe lors du voyage au Népal

In March 2016, a group of 15 students from the International School of Geneva, flew to Kathmandu, accompanied by Olivier, the trip organizer, Cathy, a Swiss Committee member, Béatrice, a sponsor, Francis, the founder of the Sagamartha Center, Mike, a photographer, and Patrick, a physician.

The group’s luggage was packed with donations: new tracksuits given by the International School of Geneva, laptop computers for the Sagamartha Center, children’s sweaters, as well as gifts from Swiss supporters for the children they sponsor. We’d like to express heartfelt thanks to the students of the International School for the donations they’ve collected, and to the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) for its financial support.

The 2016 Nepal trip included occasions to play with the Sagamartha Center children, and cultural visits. You’ll find photos of the trip on our Facebook page.