Our activities

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  • Financial support

    We are supporting financially the local association that manages the center (SASS) by means of fundraising in Switzerland.
  • Humanitarian trips

    In March 2018, a group of 23 students from the International School of Geneva, flew to Kathmandu.
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Our values

Notre association travaille pour l’amélioration des conditions de vie des enfants du centre d’accueil Sagarmatha

In collaboration with the team that manages the center, we make sure that the children are taken care of in the best possible way. We strive to provide them with dignified living conditions and an environment in which they will strengthen their ability to learn. Once their compulsory studies are finished, we offer them to continue their studies in college.

Sagarmatha home

Daily life at the center focuses on two main aspects, family life and education

The main objective of this home is to take care of the children’s essential needs, that is, to provide food and accommodation, as well as regular medical check-ups (many of the children suffered from various infections). It also provides a family environment — the children live with the adults that make up the team, and so Beena and Phinzo, who run the place, are considered mother and father by the children. Sagun, their son, is the administration and finances manager.

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Our partners

Association Sagarmatha-France