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If you live in Switzerland, due to the fees charged by PayPal, we encourage you to make a bank transfer (IBAN or QR code). Thank you for your interest!

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Our account number

Bank address :

PostFinance, Mingerstrasse 20, CH-3030 Bern

Account holder:

Organisation Suisse Sagarmatha, CH-1297 Founex

Numéro de compte: 12-648345-6

IBAN CH45 0900 0000 1264 83456


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Sponsor the Sagarmatha center

Although donations made from time to time are significant , we need - for the survival of the center Sagarmatha – to be helped by donors who engage with us for several years.

Our association offers the opportunity to subscribe for child sponsorships. But we also want to find people who sponsor the center as a whole: this choice allows to reduce inequalities between children and to facilitate administrative work.

A regular monthly donation (25 CHF , 50 CHF , 75 CHF per month, or more according to your possibilities) will be highly appreciated . To do this, simply create a standing order with your bank. Thank you in advance!

Your donations are tax deductible

All donations made to the Swiss Organization Sagarmatha are now tax deductible. We have been recognized as a registered charity after having satisfied the strict requirements that are necessary to obtain such a legal status. When you make a donation, you will automatically receive at the end of January each year, a receipt for the donations that you made the previous year. This receipt can be attached to your tax return. If your donations amounted to less than 100 CHF, you must specifically ask for the receipt.

Making a bequest

Leaving all or part of your estate to a good cause is easy in most cases.

With a bequest, you guarantee your long-term support for a project and can help us to make a lasting contribution to improving living conditions for the children and young people of Sagarmatha.

For more detailed information on inheritance law, we recommend that you contact a lawyer in your canton.