Olivier Revaz founding member, president

Since 2005, I have been involved in supporting this project. As head of the French department at the Geneva International School, I organized several on-site trips for the students of the Châtaigneraie Campus. I then decided to set up a charitable association in Switzerland to support the center.

This is an incredible journey of sharing between the students and the Sagarmatha family. The solidarity between friends and sponsors are a constant source of reflection on our world and it motivates us in our commitment to our work in Nepal.

portrait Olivier Revaz

Sylvie Nahum founding member, treasurer

I joined the Nepal mission in April 2010 after having financed the building of showers and toilets for the Children of Sagarmatha center.

It brings me lots of joy and peacefulness on a daily basis as I discover a philosophy that was quite new to me. I met an extraordinary family there that was unlike any other, with whom I now share the joys and difficulties of everyday life.

portrait Sylvie Nahum

Claire Blanchelande

My first contact with the Sagarmatha organization was through Catherine Revaz, committee member of the Swiss Organization Sagarmatha, and I was immediately impressed by the level of dedication, passion, and simplicity in the approach taken by the people involved in this wonderful cause. This first impression was reconfirmed during my visit to Nepal in April 2021, which allowed me to spend time getting to know these kids who all have incredible stories and who seem truly grateful to be part of this ‘family’. Aside from it being a very enriching experience both from a cultural and human point of view, it has been truly eye opening to realize the importance of some basic needs that we as Europeans take for granted, such as the right to education and social acceptance. I left Kathmandu feeling that although there is so much more to be done in the country, providing a home to these children where they have a chance to grow up in a healthy environment and go to school, is a great place to start making a difference.

portrait Claire Blanchelande

Catherine Christ Revaz

I went to Nepal for the first time in April 2012. It was a turning point for me. Meeting Phinzo, the Director, and his family and the orphanage children was fantastic. I then decided to fundraise for them and enable this home for children and teenagers to continue its work.

The richness of the relationships that we have with those on-site convinced me of the usefulness of collecting funds. Thanks to our efforts, almost 100% of the funds we collect go to the centers. It’s a useful and efficient way to help out.

portrait Catherine Christ Revaz

Jean-Philippe Gay

I discovered Sagarmatha through my work. “Namaste” is the name given to the solidarity travel project set up with, and also for the young people of the Animation Centers of Aubonne, Etoy and Gimel. This project, which at first was only an imprecise desire, really took shape after a phone call with the president of the Swiss Sagarmatha Organization to discuss the possibility of a collaboration and a trip to Nepal.
Based on the positive experiences of the International School’s trips, we received the agreement of the Sagarmatha committee and our project was able to get off the ground. Friendly supported and advised by Olivier and Catherine Revaz, as well as by Babu, our local contact, we flew to Kathmandu in October 2017 with 19 teenagers. There we met the children and the staff of the Sagarmatha Center. A lot of love and joy was shared with them during the two weeks of the trip!


Gilles Kessler

I have been supporting the Sagarmatha association since my stay in Nepal in 2018 organized by my uncle Olivier Revaz, who introduced me to this magnificent country.

Having never traveled to Asia, it was a great emotional shock for me. The respect and tolerance of the people in an environment where life is hard, marked me a lot.

When I arrived at SASS, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and kindness of the children. Phinzo and Beena take care of them, and bring them love and support in their development, in excellent conditions considering the poverty of the country.

Since my return to Switzerland, I have had the opportunity to become a member of the association, whose cause is particularly close to my heart.

Gilles Kessler

Fabienne Vionnet

I went to Nepal in 2018 thanks to a friend, Diana, and in the company of Catherine and Olivier Revaz whom I was meeting for the first time.
I found a family of about 50 children at the Sagarmatha center who were being raised by Phinzo and Beena. These children have experienced difficult living conditions, but the welcome they receive at the center is filled with love and kindness. Providing them with a family structure with an education and a home allows them to flourish.
This place of welcome touched my heart so much that I have since accepted to become a member of the committee of the Swiss Sagarmatha Organization.

portrait Fabienne Vionnet

In memory of Cathy David-Raphoz

Who passed away on 24 January 2019

50 children, abandoned due to the circumstances of their life, and later taken in to become a family with a mother, father and son along with the others who run the place, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles (you, us), all driven by the same energy, wanting to bring love, support and the necessary structure for the development of the children and help them achieve the independance and self-sufficiency adulthood expects of them.

My role as aunt has evolved to become one of sponsor of young Dolma, who arrived in April 2014. Is it not a wonderful coincidence to later discover we were both born on the same day? But you know, all the children of Sagarmatha are in a way our children – an indestructible bond has been created, a bond made of love, care and concern for them.

For me, getting involved in Sagarmatha, is making a committment to what is good in life, what is grand and generous, for us and for others. This experience enables us to actively participate in slowly changing the course of life and bring a wonderful human touch, with joy and happiness to all those who participate in it. It is a joyous experience!

I can only urge you to take part in this enriching experience, as much for you as for others.

portrait Cathy David-Raphoz