Projects achieved

A new well in 2019

In the spring of 2019, a new well was drilled at the Sagarmatha centre. The water is taken directly from the groundwater table. But the groundwater level is constantly dropping due to new construction in the area. Previously, new drilling was required approximately every five to ten years. But in recent years, it has been necessary to drill two years apart.

Other projects to date

  • Distribution of clothes, books, games, medicine…during each trip to Nepal
  • Organization of trips and visits (within and outside Kathmandu) for children from Sagarmatha (since 2006)
  • Payment of school fees, including uniforms and school supplies for all the children (2006, 2008, 2011, 2013, etc.) thanks to the International School of Geneva
  • Construction of an annex with showers and toilets (2010)
  • Donation of ten laptops (2011)
  • Painting of the inside and outside of the building (2011)
  • Installation of individual lockers for the personal belongings of each child (2011)
  • Purchase of toiletry kits for each child (2011)
  • Resurfacing of the terrace of the main building (2011)
  • Gas installation to replace kerosene for cooking (2012)
  • Reorganisation of the food storage area and purchase of metal crates to stock food (2012)
  • Donation of six laptops (2012)
  • Construction of a small building to house the future library (2012)
  • Fitting out of a storeroom and laundry room (2013)
  • Protective paint for the toilet and shower buildings (2013)
  • Preparation work for the future library and playroom (2013)
  • Purchase of a supply of gas tanks (2013)
  • Purchase of musical instruments (2013)
  • Purchase of shoes for children of the orphanage (2013)
  • Purchase of two metal bookshelves (2013)
  • Purchase of two washing machines (2013)
  • Purchase of blankets (2013)
  • Construction of a new building with a dining hall, kitchen and double bedrooms (2013-2014)
  • Purchase of a generator for the new building (2014)
  • Purchase of equipments for the new building’s kitchen (2014)
  • New infirmary (2014)
  • Supply of medical and non-medical equipment (2014)
  • Donation of knitted sweaters (2014)
  • Donation and purchase of games and toys (2015)
  • Mini-training for young people in the drafting of a CV (2015)
  • New jeep (2015)
  • Old building renovation following the 2015 earthquake (2016)
  • Drilling of a new well for drinking water (2017)
  • Water pump replacement (2018)
  • Interior painting of the library building (2018)
  • Donation of computers (2018)
  • Drilling of a new well for drinking water (2019)
  • Relocation of the exterior perimeter wall along the road imposed by the municipality (2019)
  • Renovation of showers and toilets (2019)Donation of 8 laptops for the Punarbal center (2021)
  • Etc…
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