Sagarmatha home

Sagarmatha home (Sagarmatha Asahya Sewa Sangh / SASS) opened on 31 November 2002 in the northeast of Kathmandu at an altitude of 1100m. It is supervised by a local NGO and under the responsibility of local staff.

This home currently welcomes almost 35 children and youngsters. The children generally arrive at the center at the age of 5 or 6. They leave the center at the end of their schooling (16 years old).

SASS takes in children with a difficult past; they have either lost their mother or father, or come from large families living in poverty. The center provides them with a stable life and family environment, as well as a complete education.

To the children, this home is much more of a family than an accommodation center, and they consider Phinzo and his wife Beena as their adoptive parents.

SASS is a local NGO, under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs of Nepal.

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